My Favorite Place I've Ever Been

picture of me on the glass bridge in Ukraine

The place my heart belongs, my favorite place I've ever been, is Ukraine. I lived in Ukraine for three months post Covid-19. I had dropped out of school and had a full time remote job. I lived in Kiev for two months and Odessa for one month. In Kiev, I spent my days trying new foods, like Salo, and shopping with my new friends. The architecture in the city is extraordinary. Especially the glass bridge over Saint Volodymyr. (See picture above.)

In Odessa, I got to spend days on the black sea, eating borscht everyday, and exploring the Ukrainian country side. I picked up a little bit of Russian there and have been working on my vocabulary. The food in Ukraine is so fresh. The ketchup is made of actual tomatoes, and the lemonade has no sugar. Buckwheat is a staple and pickled items are everywhere. The short distance to other eastern European countries also provided me a peek into their culture, don’t even get me started on Georgian food…AMAZING!

The Ukrainian people are obsessed with Americans. Everyone wanted to get a chance to talk to me. Well almost everyone. I ran into a girl one night who was less than happy to see me getting attention and blew smoke in my face. Regardless, everyone I met in Ukraine were truly wonderful. It is a beautiful country with rich culture.

picture of me eating food in Ukraine picture of me by a Russian Orthodox Church