My Family Vacation

*Will Rock Your Socks Off*

Days 1-4

Driving for the sake of driving.

Our family vacation started off with an 18 hour drive from Texas to Florida. These people are my favorite people in the whole entire world. However, an 18 hour road trip is the equivalent of Monopoly without a get out of jail free card and no free parking. We managed to arrive in one piece just in time to sneak past the inlaws. Our heads hit the pillow with thoughts of The Mouse twirling in our dreams.



The classic "demolish your eardrums and shatter your hopes for the day" iPhone alarm ringtone, slams us into reality as we muster smiles for the day ahead. We rush to pack lunches and race to the gondola to avoid the inlaws. Munching on our bagels, we run to the front of the Disney World entrance to rope drop Epcott, the first of the 3 theme parks. The next few days is a wash, rinse, repeat. We visited Epcott, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom.

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